Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TRUE TALES FROM THE EAST - 10. Art & Landscapes

My last two days in the East I mostly spent in art museums in DC. I've been to them hundreds of times during the past thirty years. One of the bonuses of getting fired from NWF a year before we moved to Oregon was the time it gave me to spend on the National Mall, and especially the National Gallery of Art. I made it a point to go there three times a week for an entire year. After an absence of several years it was like visiting old friends.

A favorite place(National Gallery of Art)

My favorite architecture(East Wing of the National Gallery of Art - I.M. Pei; Alexander Calder mobile)

My favorite room(Rembrandts at the National Gallery)

A favorite artist
(Jean-Honoré Fragonard)

Another favorite artist(Johannes Vermeer)

My favorite sculpture("Last Conversation Piece," Juan Muñoz, Hirshhorn Museum lawn)

My favorite nude (sculpture)("Nymph," Aristide Maillol, Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden)

My favorite Native American sculpture("Spirit of Haida Gwaii," Bill Reid, Canadian Embassy)

My favorite lunch spot
(National Gallery of Art cafeteria)

Western Oregon where we live has almost everything I love. But it's missing two things: friends and art. As for friends, well, there's this here story... And some come visit us in Oregon. Facebook fills the gaps.

As for art -- the National Gallery of Art kind of art -- it's scarce in Oregon, but then, no place equals the National Mall's art, gardens, science, history and culture. What Oregon does have, however, is a stunningly diverse and beautiful landscape. For me, that landscape is constantly renewing and surprising. Friend Al observed the other day that however beautiful, landscape does not challenge you intellectually the way art does. True, but there is no place I would rather be than right where I'm at.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

- the end -

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  1. Wayne, I'm enjoying your blog after a great bike ride today with you and Eva. Looks like you mostly do this for yourself. I don't see any comments. I feel like I know you better from your writing and photos (and of course, your mobiles).