Monday, April 5, 2010


In case you are not Facebook friends with our daughter, Kristen, I wanted to share her brief account of our blood-tainted Easter adventures: She wrote:

“I would like an Easter do-over. One that doesn't involve runaway dogs, a hostage situation, and dead Taj Mahal chickens. Long story short, our dogs got out and our new German shepherd mix (just got her 2 weeks ago from Greenhill) killed a neighbor's pet chickens (who had names and lived in a "chicken Taj Mahal" as the lady put it). So in exhange for her dead chickens she was going to keep hostage our golden retriever (Duke, who we've had since before Mason was born) as retribution. It took all day, but we eventually got our dog back... and discovered that we live among some really weird people.”

I went along (packin’, just in case…) to pick up the dog in the pouring rain with my son-in-law. The chicken-distraught folks have a little wholesale nursery operation up Rat Creek Road. Banjo country. To be honest, I didn’t think the people were all that weird. More like old friends from the 60s. Who were really into their (now murdered) chicken friends. I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of the chicken coffin with their names on it.

You just can’t plan for family holiday fun like this.

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