Friday, October 17, 2014

11 – JUST ONE WORD -- “Grand Canyon Rafting – A Dozen Little Stories”

After dinner on our final night of camping in the Grand Canyon, Boatman Art gathered all thirty-two of us with our chairs in a circle on the beach. Our “campfire” was an overturned white five-gallon bucket with a lantern inside giving it a friendly glow.

Earlier in the evening, Art had asked us to come up with just one word to describe the Canyon and our experience. It seems you don't need a thousand words, after all, to equal the worth of a picture.

"Magnificent" (Tyler)

"Perspective" (Steve)

"Serene" (John)

"Surreal" (Joel - with John on left)
"Spiritual" (Marilyn)
"Beauty" (Wayne)

"Grounding" (Eva)
"Love" (Rafter Ray)
"Love" (Ann)
"Sockety" (Art)
"Craggy" (Mary)
"Buckets"* (Paul)
"Humbling" (Tom)

"Mystical" (Ruth)

"Friendship" (Tammy)
"Reality" (Rachel)
"Awesome" (Bernard)
"Sacred" (Al)

"Proof"** (Cindy - with Terry)

"Cosmos" (Gary)
(Credit: Dell)
"Fulfilling" (Dell)
"Phenomenal" (Debbie - with Steve)

"Family" (Steve - with Stephanie & Debbie)
(Credit: Dell)

"Inner peace" (Stephanie)

"Grateful" (Ann-Marie)
"New experiences" (Den)
(Credit: Dell)

"Life changing" (Duffy - with Tyler & Dell)

"Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" (Jeanne)
"Art" (Fred)

"Religious" (Arlene)
(Credit: Dell)

"Ever changing" (Larry - with Al)
(Credit: Dell)
*Referring to Paul’s unexpected mid-river plunge from the raft as he tried to rescue an errant bucket floating in the current.
**“Proof that the universe is larger than us. 80 proof liquor. Proof that 28 people can get along for a week. Proof that I could get over that ledge to the falls.”

Doing It
A postscript about our rafting trip for anyone thinking seriously about doing it. Here's my advice: do it.

And do it with Grand Canyon Expeditions. They make it easy. They were professional from start to finish. The best thing I can add to my earlier kudos for this company and its staff is this: Throughout our eight-day raft trip, we briefly encountered a dozen or two other groups. I confess that each time I felt a bit superior. Ours had a better raft setup, better group, better guides, better vibe. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

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